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Hey guys! Its been a while since anyone posted here... I made some lovely chargrilled eggplant slices today, to keep for putting on pizza and such.

You dont really need a recipe so this one's a bit of a cheat, but here's what I did:

- take one large (or several small thin) eggplants
- slice them into thick slices lengthways
- brush with olive oil
- grill or fry them on a ridged grillpan, or a BBQ plate, something along those lines, til they are softened and have those nice grill char lines
- let them cool on a plate
- layer them in a container or jar, and sprinkle with flavours - I did salt, pepper, and fresh oregano from my garden
- cover in a generous layer of good olive oil
- store in the fridge for yummy goodness!

Update: another good thing to then do with the cold slices is to get a mix of ricotta cheese and seasoning (pepper and salt and etc) and roll each slice around a blob of ricotta :D
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Oh god I know what you mean - sometimes, as much as I love cooking, it's all just such a hassle!